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Interested in presenting at the HERU 2024 Conference "Dialogue, Debate, and Discourse: Having the Hard Conversations"?

Consider topics such as the following:

  • Admissions and recruitment
  • Assessment
  • High impact practices: research, internships, pedagogies, experiential learning, community engagement
  • Student engagement: mental health, well-being, residence life, belonging (co-curricular education)
  • Philanthropy, development, fundraising, engaging foundations and boards
  • Administrative leadership
  • Advising: retention, best practices, strategies
  • Dialogue: having hard conversations

Consider the presentation format:

  • Presentation: A 20-minute, lecture-style presentation by an individual or combination of presenters, focused on Research or Best Practices. The presentation will be followed by 10-minute Q&A and there will be 3 sessions per 1.5 hour. Effort will be made to bring together presentations on similar topics.
  • Panel: A 60-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of discussion. Submitted by 2+ presenters with differing viewpoints on a single issue or question. A panel session is focused upon a single topic or theme with two or more presentations representing differing views. Preference will be given to panels consisting of multiple institutions.
  • Roundtable: A 30-minute introduction followed by 60-minute facilitated discussion with lively, interactive discourse among participants and discussion leaders. A roundtable discussion is an organized conversation on a single topic or theme with one moderator, a few chosen speakers who bring a variety of perspectives to a subject, and engagement with session attendees.
  • Workshop: An 90-minute, interactive session based around an activity that provides applicable takeaways for attendees. Workshop proposals should address topics that are universal in nature. Elements of a workshop usually include: a stated objective, a warm-up activity, small group work, and reporting back to the larger group.

Thank you for your submissions. Decisions will be made by mid-January 2024.